3/15/20The Song We Always Start With (The Echo Song)
3/16/20Homework Photo: Greg reads to Otto (The Dirty Dog)
3/16/20Keep on the Sunnyside 
3/17/20Praying at Home  with the Van Niels (Names)
3/17/20Praying at Home  with the Van Niels –In Our Hearts 
3/18/20A Special Guest (“All God’s Creatures” with Jones + chicken)
3/19/20Major or Minor? (“Oh, Mary, Don’t You Weep” with Jones + Greg)
3/19/20You Don’t Need a Chicken! (Van Niels – “Oh, Mary, Don’t You Weep”)
3/20/20Time at the Table with the Lavines  (“For Health and Strength and Daily Bread”)
3/21/20Creating Sacred Space at Home (photos incl. Vincent Van Niel)
3/22/20Processional (“The Spacious Firmament on High”)
3/23/20Spring Sing (Mary Cat Young and Dorothy Sue sing Psalm 23)
3/24/20Holy Family with the Melchionna / Roberts (“Deep and Wide”
3/25/20Jesus Tender Shepherd Challenge (Van Niels, Porters, Cables, Campbells)
3/26/20Seasons of the Church Year (Don’t Eat the Purple Play Dough!)
3/27/2040 Days (“Rise and Shine” archival VCC video with Jones)
3/28/20You are My Sunshine (Jones + Greg) / photo – Emily and Hughes Roy
3/29/20The Blue Ethereal Sky – The Spacious Firmament on High (Emily Moseley and Ben Esther)
3/30/20Extended Learning (the ABC Song, alternate tune)
3/31/20Prayers from the Heart (Emma Williams reading / Langston Prayer hearts)
4/1/20Prayer at Home with Porter Family (Johnny Appleseed prayer)
4/2/20Bathroom Tuba (Doxology)
4/3/20Preparations (Making a Holy Week box with Greg, Zan, Otto, chickens, cartoon music)
4/4/20Biddy Buddies (Palm Sunday prep and a baby chicken
4/5/20Palm Sunday (door decorations, chalk drawings from Langstons and Esthers)
4/6/20Holy Week Monday (Holy Week in a Box materials)
4/7/20Holy Week Tuesday
4/8/20Holy Week Wednesday
4/9/20Holy Week Thursday (“All Through the Night”)
4/10/20Holy Week Friday
4/11/20Holy Week Saturday
4/12/20Alleluia! Alleluia!  Alleluia!  (the Rev. Elizabeth Marie Melchionna / “I’ve Got That Joy!” with Zan dancing)
4/13/20Happy Easter from the Twos and Threes’ Teachers
4/14/20Happy Easter from Fours’ Teachers
4/15/20Saints of God (pandemic version of song + photo K/1 teacher)
4/16/20The Easter Season (video – A- la-la-la-la-la-lelluia w/ Langstons and Second / Third Grade Teachers)
4/17/20What Month?  (What Month Was Jesus Born in …)
4/18/20Car Songs and Holy Hikes (“I Love the Mountains” + link to Noah Van Niel’s Holy hikes)
4/19/20The Unwearied Sun from Day to Day (“The Spacious Firmament” – Barhop Quartet archival chapel video)
4/20/20Joy and Concerns and Questions, too (Roadside breakdown photo + Ella Ritter singing)
4/21/20Go in Peace, with Joy (Carter Langston playing “Ode to Joy”)
4/22/20Earth and Twinkling Stars (Jones – “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Pizza” by request)
4/23/20Praise God and Sing Hosanna (Joseph Scocca -written prayer and the Lavines – “Give me Oil for my Lamp”)
4/24/20Sing a New Song (“Sing Hosanna” – a response to Lavines)
4/25/20All Things Bright and Beautiful (with MaryKate Cunningham)
4/26/20Spacious Skies and Special Shoes “The Spacious Firmament” – (Joe Causby) + Van Niels (Doxology)
4/27/20To Canine’s Land (“To Canaan’s Land” canine karaoke)
4/28/20All Creatures Great and Small (Bluebirds + additional verse of “All Things Bright and Beautiful”)
4/29/20Old Dog, New Trick (Otto, “Deep and Wide”)
4/30/20Happy Birthday, March and April (“Happy Birthday” song)
5/1/20Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
5/2/20A Cumulative Song (“The Green Grass Grows All Around”)
5/3/20The Spacious Firmament on Harp (Bob Brewer)
5/4/20Instruments: Making Music (bamboo pipes)
5/5/20Instruments: A Piano Discovery
5/6/20Instruments: Hose-Anna!
5/7/20Instruments: Bagpipes
5/8/20Instruments: Zan Goes Electric
5/9/20We’re Gonna Let It Shine (dance party with chapel Zoom group)
5/10/20A Waltz (“The Spacious Firmament”)
5/11/20Looking for the Holy (photo – hummingbird nest)
5/12/20Meditation on a Turtle (video – turtle)
5/13/20Dy Bones (antlers, skull – “Ezekiel and the Dry Bones”)
5/14/20“Inch by Inch, Row by Row “(with song and photos of beans)
5/15/20Holy, Holy, Holy (photo – cardinal’s nest)
5/16/20Making Holy Moment (“This Land is Your Land” with Susannah Dunlap)
5/17/20Cabin Fever Processional (on accordion)
5/18/20The Church Calendar (“Come Away to the Skies”)
5/19/20Ascension Songs (“I’ll Fly Away”)
5/20/20Reading the Bible, Singing the Songs (photo of bibles and songbooks)
5/21/20“Farther Along”
5/22/20Together! Even When Apart (“Go Tell it on the Mountain” with chapel kids)
5/23/20We Miss Y’all (Langstons’ Lego Movie)
5/24/20Surfin’ on the Firmament (Spacious Firmament, surf beat)
5/25/20Caring for Our-chothers (cardinals feed the baby bird)
5/26/20My Evening Prayer (Jesus, Tender Shepherd, verse 2)
5/27/20Christ is Near, Christ is Here! (“Advent Tells us Christ is Here …)
5/28/20The Rainbow I’ve Been Praying For (“I Can See Clearly Now …)
5/29/20Happy Birthday, May
5/30/20Easter Bunny (video, rabbit)
5/31/20Peace be with You (for Pentecost, passing peace in different languages)
6/1/20Essential Workers (Wheels on the Bus)
6/2/20A Lament (photos – broken Jaymar toy piano)
6/3/20Shine, Shine (Shine Like a Star in the Morning)
6/4/20The King of Love My Shepherd Is
6/5/20Bluebirds (video of bluebird box)
6/6/20A Woodpecker in the House (video, woodpecker)
6/7/20The Whole World in His Hands (with “Spacious Firmament” intro)
6/8/20Meeting in the Air
6/9/20Prayer in the Air (photo – BCP)
6/10/20Gather at the River (Shall we…)
6/11/20Sing When the Spirit Says Sing (Shout, March, Listen, Pray)
6/12/20Congratulations, Students (archival photo, chapel procession)
6/13/20Go, Seek (“Seek Ye First” video, fetch with Otto)
6/14/20Setting the Altar (in chapel, at home)
6/15/20Do Lord, Oh Do Lord (with Susannah Dunlap)
6/16/20Rise and Shine and Sing (with Greg and Jones, “Rise and Shine”)
6/17/20Looking Forward to Go Back (archival videos: tire swing, Montreal piano, Jingle dance)
6/18/20Let Peace Begin with Me? (“Let There Be Peace on Earth” > punk version)
6/19/20Come home (“Softly and Tenderly”)
6/20/20I’m so Glad (Libba Cotton mural and song) 
6/21/20Summer Sunday (archival chapel video: Kids dancing to “Keep on the Sunnyside”)
6/22/20I Saw the Light (Greg and Jones)
6/23/20Turn, Turn, Turn (12-string guitar)
6/24/20More Chickens (“Old McDonald Had a Farm”)
6/25/20Singing with Squirrels (“Praise ye the Lord”)
6/26/20Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (Boykin, Greg, Jones)
6/27/20Rainbow Love (with Little People)
6/28/20The Echo Song (in Ordinary Time)
6/29/20Lightning Bugs or Fireflies (with Zan, archival chapel “This Little Light of Mine”
6/30/20Happy Birthday, June!
7/1/20Where in the Chapel of the Cross? (What in the World?)
7/2/20Where in the Chapel of the Cross? (WHAT in the chapel?)
7/3/20Where in the Chapel of the Cross?  (I Spy, Outside)
7/4/20O Beautiful for Spacious Skies (Little People)
7/5/20Hail Thee, Festival Day (nod to Festival for Eno, Zacchaeus with Little People)
7/6/20Churchy Calisthenics (Jesus is the Rock of My Foundation)
7/7/20Forever Young (Jones, for Zan’s birthday)
7/8/20Keep Me, Keep Me (Jones)
7/9/20God Made the Sun (rock painting) / Screech Owl (with Otto)
7/10/20And We Bid You Goodnight (with chickens)
7/11/20Bee Kind to Your Parents (with bee)
7/12/20The Parable of the Sower (Cate Palmer)
7/13/20Christmas in July: Silent Night
7/14/20Christmas in July: Whose Tune?  (Away in a Mangers …)
7/15/20Christmas in July: Little Town X3 (Three Tunes)
7/16/20Christmas in July: Merry MashUp (Rudolph and Frosty)
7/17/20Christmas in July: Joy in the World (Joy to the World)
7/18/20Christmas in July: Rockin’ Around (the Christmas Tree with Dogs)
7/19/20Singing in the Chapel (Deep and Wide) / Hiking the Trails (Into to VCC)
7/20/20VCC: Day One, Jesus is Lost in the Temple (Scocca) / Occoneechee Mtn.
7/21/20VCC: Baptism (Williams / Few’s Ford, Eno River
7/22/20VCC: Sermon on the Mountain & Lord’s Prayer (Bradbury) / Looking for a Mtn.
7/23/20VCC: The Last Supper (Deitz) / City Trails
7/24/20VCC:  Breakfast on the Beach (Palmer) / the Beach in a Box
7/25/20In the Garden / VCC Sing-a-Long
7/26/20Leaven (Zan making bread, parables)
7/27/20Greetings from Carrboro (MaryKate, Heather, Rachel – Down to the River to Pray)
7/28/20Riddles (Chicken Coop, etc.)
7/29/20More Riddles (in the Garden)
7/30/20Keep on Keeping on (Bradburys – Keep on the Sunnyside)
7/1/20Happy Birthday, July
8/1/20Curious Times (Riddles)
8/2/20Joys and Concerns (A Worried Man)
8/3/20Dog Days (Shiloh)
8/4/20Dog Days and Deer (Do Re Mi)
8/5/20Deerly Beloved (Mother nursing baby deer)
8/6/20Never Turn Down Tadpoles
8/7/20Dogs and Frogs (Jeremiah was a Bulldog)
8/8/20Reading Riddles with Dogs
8/9/20Oh My, Oh My (Violent Femmes – Jesus Walking on the Water)
8/10/20Whole Lot of Shaking (earthquake songs)
8/11/20Sesquicentennial (150 Posts.  150 Bottles of Beer on the Wall)
8/12/20Skip to My Lou (Skip Counting)
8/13/20For Goodness Snake (Ordinary Time is not Boring!  Dekay’s Brown Snake)
8/14/20A Magic Number (Three is the Magic Number)
8/15/20Love Your Neighbor (Flu Shots and dog vaccinations)
8/16/20Lord Bless our Work and Play 
8/17/20School Days (Chuck Berry)
8/18/20Rock and Roll Homeschool 
8/19/20Wonderful World
8/20/20Growing Up (I Won’t Grow Up with Zan)
8/21/20We are Going to be Friends (Back to School with Jones, Zan, Greg)
8/22/20Love Dwells Here (photo with hen and baby chick)
8/23/20Who Am I?  (Who Are You?  With Zan)
8/24/20Shiny Teeth (with Jones, Zan, Greg)
8/25/20Praying Mantis
8/26/20Superman (Superman Prayer)
8/27/20Another Dog Day (How Much is That Doggie in the Window, There was a Farmer …)
8/28/20Sing Out (If you Want to Sing Out, Sing Out)
8/29/20A Church Song  (The  King of Love My Shepherd is)
8/30/20The Lectionary (Pharoah, Pharoah)
8/31/20Happy Birthday, August
9/2/20More Hummingbird (Hummingbird at feeder)
9/3/20Talk to Paul
9/4/20Help From My Friends (Jones, Zan, Greg)
9/5/20A Whole Lot of Stuff to Do (Phineas and Ferb)
9/6/20Children’s Chapel 
9/7/20Come, Labor On (Union Maid)
9/8/20Long Weekend (Jones – Wipe the Sleep Out of Your Eyes)
9/9/20Leaping Lizard (Fence Lizard)
9/10/20Cleanliness is Next to Dogliness (Sally at Sink)
9/11/20There’s a Joy Somewhere (Music in the Air)
9/12/20Meet Some Teachers (Video Intros)
9/13/20Children’s Chapel (Cate Palmer)
9/14/20Faith at Home (Jones – Keep on Coming Home)
9/15/20Spotted Salamander
9/17/20What’s Old is New (Victrola)
9/18/20Sally Songs (for Hurricane Sally)
9/19/20When You’re Scared (My Favorite Things)
9/20/20Children’s Chapel (Murphys, Deitzes)
9/21/20Car Songs (Almost Fall Edition)
9/22/20Let’s Go Riding in the Car
9/23/20Everything will Be Alright
9/24/20Meet Another Teacher (Jess Aylor)
9/25/20Stuck at Home (Snail video)
9/26/20Stuck at Home but Still Connecting (Photo Reading book to UAE)
9/27/20Children’s Chapel (Fiore Family)
9/28/20Faith at Home (Heather and Rachel Danner)
9/29/20By Heart (Poems, soliloquies)
9/30/20Happy Birthday, September Kids / Juniper
10/1/20Bicentennial (Yankee Doodle Dandy)
10/2/20Who Was St. Francis (Noah Van Niel)
10/3/20Animal Fair
10/4/20Children’s Chapel (Story by Aylors)
10/5/20Chicken Karaoke (Blessing of Animals)
10/6/20We Miss You Guys (Ellie B.)
10/7/20We Miss Our Church Family (I Miss My Family)
10/8/20Blues-y But Better (Bring it on Home)
10/9/20Ain’t No Bugs on Me
10/10/20Find Joy (Otto in Leaves)
10/11/20Children’s Chapel (with Godly Play) 
10/12/20Sing With Me (Emmylou)
10/13/20Afternoon Tea Party (Tea Pot)
10/14/20Candy Land (Yellow is the Color)
10/15/20Our Church Backyard
10/17/20Yes, no? (Hello, Goodbye)
10/18/20Children’s Chapel
10/19/20I’m Gonna Mail Myself to You 
10/20/20Letters (Mr Postman)
10/21/20Moving Mail (with Little People)
10/22/20A Mighty Good Road (Rock Island Line)
10/23/20Freedom Ride (Promised Land)
10/24/20Promised Land
10/25/20Children’s Chapel
10/26/20Mountain Railway
10/27/20Planes, Trains and Greyhounds
10/28/20The Middle of the Night
10/29/20Passenger Train (Southbound)
10/30/20Happy Birthday, October
10/31/20In the Woods Tonight
11/1/20Children’s Chapel All Saints Day
11/2/20Saints and Legends (Children’s Costumes)
11/3/20Election Day (My Country Tis of Thee)
11/4/20Words of Wisdom (Zan)
11/5/20Bad Day (Jones)
11/6/20Sitting, Waiting (Sitting on the Dock of the Bay)
11/7/20Don’t Worry (Three Little Birds
11/8/20Children’s Chapel (Whitaker)
11/9/20Something Good
11/10/20Leaves are Falling (“Falling”)
11/11/20What is Stewardship? (the Rev. Elizabeth Marie Melchionna
11/13/20What Can the Matter Be? (No Internet!)
11/14/20Roller Coaster
11/15/20Children’s Chapel (Deitz)
11/17/20Thessalonians (Murphys)
11/18/20High Roads, Low Roads (Loch Lomond)
11/19/20Thank You
11/20/20Thank You, Friends
11/21/20Thank you for Being a Friend
11/22/20Children’s Chapel (Lavines)
11/23/20You’ve Got a Friend
11/24/20Sitting in Limbo
11/26/20Over the River and Through the Woods
11/27/20“Black Friday” (“If I Had a Million Dollars”) 
11/28/20This Year
11/29/20Children’s Chapel (Deitz)
11/30/20Happy Birthday, November
12/1/20Great Big Stars
12/2/20The Angel Band
12/3/20Oh, Watch the Stars 
12/4/20A Child’s Song (written by Jones, age 4) 
12/5/20Rise Up, Shepherd
12/6/20Children’s Chapel (Whitakers)
12/7/20Learn Something New (Jones – accordion)
12/9/20Child of God
12/10/20I’ll Call Him Emmanuel
12/11/20Dancing Day
12/12/20Mary Had a Baby
12/13/20Children’s Chapel (Melinda Van Niel)
12/14/20Singing in the Land
12/15/20Light One Candle (Lavine Family)
12/16/20Look Away to Bethlehem
12/17/20The First Noel Was In a Manger (Laura Jane and Emma Play piano)
12/18/20Hark! (Hark the Herald Angels Sing with Jones and Zan)
12/19/20Angels (Watching Over Me)
12/20/20Children’s Chapel (Melinda Van Niel)
12/21/20Sleepers, Wake
12/22/20Christmas Star (O Beautiful Star)
12/23/20Midnight Clear
12/24/20Christmas Eve (Camel Dance)
12/25/20Merry Christmas
12/26/20Jesus Christ
12/27/20Children’s Chapel (Dawn Landes and Creighton Irons)
12/28/20Rockin’ Around (the Christmas Tree)
12/29/20Christmastime (Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine)
12/30/20Heard from Heaven (Today)
12/31/20Happy Birthday, December!
1/1/21Fa-la-la-la-la (Deck the Halls)
1/2/21First Day (First Day of My Life)
1/3/21Children’s Chapel (Heather Benjamin)
1/4/21Stars Shining (Dream a Little Dream)
1/5/21Love Came Down
1/6/21Chalking the Door
1/7/21God Mend Thine Every Flaw
1/8/21(In the Bleak) Midwinter
1/9/21Saturday Song (Sing a Song)
1/10/21Children’s Chapel (John the Baptist video by Williams Family)
1/11/21Hail, Thee
1/12/21Visit the Moon (I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon)
1/13/21Happy Wanderers
1/14/21What a Friend (We Have in Jesus)
1/15/21A Bushel and a Peck
1/16/21The Welcome Table
1/17/21Children’s Chapel (Murphy Family)
1/18/21Dream and Imagine 
1/19/21Working Together
1/20/21Get Together
1/21/21A Beautiful Day (in the Neighborhood)
1/22/21What the World Needs
1/23/21Ain’t Gonna Think About Trouble (Put Our Hands Together)
1/24/21Children’s Chapel (Deitz Family)
1/25/21Little Fishies (Bradbury art, Little Fishies song)
1/26/21Little Children (Jesus Loves the Little Children)
1/27/21Little Crawdads (You Get a Line, I’ll Get a Pole)
1/28/21Little Shanties (Cheer Up, Ye Saints of God)
1/29/21Reach for the Sun (Light and Day)
1/30/21Happy Birthday, January
1/31/21Children’s Chapel (Candlemas with Melinda Van Niel)
2/1/21Raining in my Heart
2/3/21If You Give a Greg a Groundhog (Waltzing with Bears)
2/4/21Keep Trying (Itsy Bitsy Spider)
2/5/21Crocodile Rock
2/7/21Children’s Chapel (Deitz Family)
2/8/21Aww, Rats, Wow (Interjections)
2/9/21Snowdrops (Edelweiss)
2/10/21Running in Circles
2/11/21Will the Circle be Unbroken?
2/12/21Will It Go Round (in Circles)
2/13/21What Goes Around (Do Unto Others)
2/14/21Children’s Chapel – February 14 (with the Fiores)
2/15/21Alleluia. Hallelujah.
2/16/21If You Give a Priest a Pancake (on Shrove Tuesday)
2/17/21Ash Wednesday Children’s Service (with the Rev. Noah Van Niel)
2/18/21The Mystery of Easter (Godly Play)
2/19/21The Book of Love
2/20/21What is Loverly
2/21/21Children’s Chapel – February 21
2/22/21Only Fools Rush In
2/23/21Fatigue (It Rained a Mist and We’re Tired of Rain)
2/24/21A Kind of Hush
2/25/21A Goodnight Song (Goodnight, Irene)
2/26/21The Lion Sleeps Tonight
2/27/21Happy Birthday, February!
2/28/21Children’s Chapel (with the Murphy Family)
3/1/21March(ing in the Light of God)
3/2/21In Like a Lion
3/3/21A Lion King?
3/4/21I Wonder … What the King is Doing Tonight?
3/5/21King of the Forest
3/6/21Peace, Love and Understanding
3/7/21Children’s Chapel (with the Van Niels)
3/8/21Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!
3/9/21Change in the Weather
3/10/21Bring the Outside (Chicken) In
3/11/21Sally Go Round (the Sun)
3/12/21Pull the Sun Down
3/13/21Pi / Pie / Pye Day (is 3/14)
3/14/21Children’s Chapel (with the Fiore Family)
3/15/21Our Top 12 Videos of the Pandemic Year – #12 (Ruffled Feathers)
3/16/21Our Top 12 – #11(The Wheels on the Bus)
3/17/21Our Top 12 – #10 (The Langstons’ Lego Movie)
3/18/21Our Top 12 – #9 (The Song We Always Start With [ Our First Post])
3/19/21Our Top 12 – #8 (You are My Sunshine)
3/20/21Our Top 12 – #7 (This Little Zoom Light)
3/21/21Children’s Chapel (with the Porters)
3/22/21Our Top 12 – #6 (Dancing Day)
3/23/21Our Top 12 – #5 (Oh Mary, Don’t You Weep)
3/24/21Our Top 12 – #4 (All God’s Creatures)
3/25/21Our Top 12 – #3 (Go Tell It on the Mountain)
3/26/21Our Top 12 – #2 (I Sing a Song of the Saints of God, pandemic edition)
3/27/21Our Top 12 – #1 (I’ve Got That Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy)
3/28/21Children’s Chapel – Palm Sunday with the Rev. Mary Cat Young
3/29/21Holy Week – Monday (with the Fiore Family)
3/30/21Holy Week – Tuesday (with the Fiore Family)
2/31/21Holy Week – Wednesday (with Jeremiah Murphy)
4/1/21Maundy Thursday (with the Porter Family)
4/2/21Good Friday (Stations of the Cross for Kids)
4/3/21Holy Saturday (with Mike Peterson)
4/4/21Children’s Chapel – Easter Sunday (with the Rev. Elizabeth Marie Melchionna)
4/5/21Easter Monday (How We Celebrated)
4/8/21Throwback Thursday – We’re Going to be Friends
4/9/21Waiting for the World to Change
4/11/21Children’s Chapel (with the Murphys)
4/12/21Lord of the Dance
4/14/21A Question
4/15/21Throwback Thursday – Meeting in the Air
4/16/21Planting Good Stuff
4/18/21Children’s Chapel (with the Williams Family)
4/19/21Doors of Your Heart
4/21/21For the Beauty of the Earth
4/22/21Earth Day Throwback Thursday – All Things Bright and Beautiful
4/25/21Children’s Chapel (Good Shepherd Sunday with Sarah and Silas)
4/26/21Sheep! (Bah Bah Black Sheep)
4/27/21A Sheepfold (photos and music from outdoor Children’s Chapel)
4/29/21Throwback Thursday – The King of Love My Shepherd Is
4/30/21Chapel in the Courtyard
5/2/21Children’s Chapel (with the Van Niels)
5/3/21A May Carol
5/5/21Singing in the Rain
5/6/21Throwback Thursday – I Can See Clearly Now
5/9/21Children’s Chapel (with Charles and Eloise)
5/10/21My House Has Wheels
5/11/21I Shall Be Released
5/13/21Throwback Thursday – Ascension Day (Come Away to the Skies)
5/16/21Children’s Chapel (with the Palmers)
5/17/21Home on the Strange
5/19/21Joseph’s Coat
5/21/21Where Will You See the Spirit?
5/23/21Children’s Chapel – Pentecost
5/24/21Blowin’ in the Wind
5/27/21Throwback Thursday – There’s a Joy Somewhere
5/30/21Children’s Chapel – Nicodemus
5/31/21Colors of the Wind – and Seasons
6/3/21Throwback Thursday – Three is a Magic Number
6/6/21Children’s Chapel
6/10/21Throwback Thursday – Lay, My Dear Chickens
6/13/21Children’s Chapel
6/20/21Children’s Chapel (with Melinda Van Niel)
6/27/21Children’s Chapel (with Vacation Church Camp singers)
7/4/21Children’s Chapel
7/11/21Children’s Chapel and a tour of church renovations
7/18/21Children’s Chapel
7/25/21Children’s Chapel: the Fiores visit a bread store to ask “how many loaves do we need to feed 5000?”
8/1/21Children’s Chapel
8/8/21Children’s Chapel
8/15/21Children’s Chapel
8/22/21Children’s Chapel
8/22/21The Blessing of the Backpacks and Brains
8/29/21Children’s Chapel (with Mike Peterson)
9/5/21Children’s Chapel (Proverbs)
9/12/21Children’s Chapel (Holy Cross Day)
9/19/21Children’s Chapel (Welcome the Little Children)
9/26/21Children’s Chapel (What is the Church?)
10/3/21Children’s Chapel (with Sarah Deitz)
10/10/21Children’s Chapel (Green, Growing Season)
12/25/21Merry Christmas (from the Forest Theatre)
1/2/22Children’s Chapel (On the Ninth Day of Christmas)
1/16/22Children’s Chapel (Snow Day?)
1/23/22Children’s Chapel – the Season after Epiphany