Children’s Chapel – October 11

Over the past weeks, we’ve heard a lot of Moses stories. Today, Lindsay and Madeleine Porter will thread them together with Godly Play. (Grown-ups, some of the Moses story might be scary for some children. See note below*)

God gave the people the best ways to live but they turned from God and worshiped a golden calf. That sounds ridiculous, right? Who would worship a golden calf? But lots of people are tempted by things that aren’t true.

Our craft today uses the golden pipe cleaners in your Fall Faith box. Melinda Van Niel will show you how to turn them into a calf (which she reminds you is for playing, not worshiping!). You could also pretend a pipe cleaner is a gold chain and put beads or macaroni on it. (And don’t worry if you don’t have a Fall Faith box. You can use any pipe cleaners, or draw a picture instead.)

*Grown-ups might want to preview the first two minutes of the Godly Play video, when the pharaoh tries to rid the land of baby boys and when an adult Moses displays uncontrolled anger. There are NO upsetting images – just a story being told.

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