Raining in My Heart

It’s cold and rainy and we’re so tired of being apart. It feels good to stomp in the mud and sing a sad song. The rain in our hearts starts to shine a little, and we can imagine the sun.

Raining in My Heart is a song by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant, a wife and husband songwriting team who wrote many popular songs like “Bye, Bye Love” and “Wake Up, Little Susie” and “Rocky Top.”

2 thoughts on “Raining in My Heart

  1. God bless Greg Bell–keep him safe and well and grant him a speedy dry off and warm up in his house. And…please bless Greg’s guitar. Dumb question but…it doesn’t hurt a guitar to get wet?

    1. You are right! That guitar should not be in the rain. We actually have a guitar (it’s a Stella) that is just for throwing in the trunk of the car or playing in the rain. It was out of tune and the rain was slowing down so, you know, we had to grab the moment!

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