We are together, even when apart

Church is being together.  We sing, we pray, we pass the peace.  We share the bread and the wine.  

Church looks different right now.  We’re not in the same place but we’re still together.  We’re thinking about each other.  We’re singing and praying.  We’re passing the peace by calling our friends.  Or maybe we’re sending them emails or letters.  The bread and the wine are still part of us, even if we’re not at the table.

The Chapel of the Cross is our church, and we are the Chapel of the Cross. We are the church no matter where we are, which is kind of funny to think about.  How are you the church today? How are you singing and praying and passing the peace? How are the bread and wine a part of you today?

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Easter Bunny

Today is the last day of the Easter season, which may be why this bunny visited the garden. Tomorrow is Pentecost, and after that the Season after Pentecost that we call Ordinary Time or the Green, Growing Season.

The Suffragan Bishop of North Carolina, the Right Rev. Anne Hodges-Copple*, will visit the Chapel of the Cross on Pentecost. If you watch the service on Facebook (@cotcchapelhill), look for her special hat called a mitre. Does it look like a flame? Does it look like a tongue of fire? **

You can also tune in to watch our Bishop Sam Rodman and the Rev. Daniel Robayo read The Day When God Made Church: A Child’s First Book About Pentecost by Rebekah McLeod Hutto. The book will be read in both English and Spanish at 6:00 PM on Sunday (May 31) on the diocesan facebook page (@EpiscopalDioceseNC).

* A suffragan bishop assists the bishop in doing the work of the diocese. We describe the bishops as “Right” because they have “right special” jobs!

** The bishop’s hat is supposed to remind us of the flames of the Pentecost – the “tongues of fire” that appeared on the heads of the first disciples.

Happy Birthday, May!

Happy birthday to all those born in May. This year, that includes the Church! We call Pentecost the birthday of the church because that’s when Jesus’ friends set out to help the church grow.

The word “Pentecost” comes from a Greek word that means fifty. Pentecost is celebrated fifty days after Easter. Since the day of Easter changes every year, the day of Pentecost changes, too. In 2020, Pentecost is May 31.

Let us know if you have a birthday in May we missed!

My Evening Prayer

The 1940 Hymnal has an entire section of “Hymns for Children.” “Jesus, Tender Shepherd” is one of them, marked as an “Evening Hymn.” Even though Children’s Chapel meets in the morning, we close the service with the first verse of this evening song every week.

  • “Jesus, Tender Shepherd” has multiple tunes – and multiple verses!
  • When the Stay-at-Home started, we (Boykin and Greg) decided to introduce Zan to “The Sopranos.” (When your kid is almost 20, this isn’t so weird.) Tonight we watched the last episode, #86, which shows how long we’ve been at home and why we’re so tired.

Caring for Our-chothers

Our oldest kid used to mix up the words for “each other.” She would said “our-chothers.” As in, we’re all taking care of “our-chothers.”

Thirty years later, birds have nested by our back door. The birds are Cardinals, the state bird of North Carolina. Greg borrowed a Go-Pro camera from work and we very carefully set it up. We didn’t scare the birds. We just watched them take care of each other.

Surfin’ on the Firmament

It’s an unconventional choice but after a week of rain, the sun appeared and Greg is imagining the beach.

(Every Sunday, we share a version of “The Spacious Firmament on High,” our Children’s Chapel processional music.)

(Boykin is mostly staying out of this one.)
  • Drum beats, including this 170 BPM (Beats Per Minute) surf beat, really are on the internet. These beats are from jimdooley.net.
  • Greg did not use the power drill inside the keyboard. He used the drill to open up the piano so he could fix a couple of loose keys.

We Miss Y’all.

This week has been the most stay-at-home of all the stay-at-home weeks. There has been so much rain. We’re stuck inside, and we’re tired. But that doesn’t dampen our creatively. Carter and Owen and Bill built a chapel – and made a movie. Grab some popcorn and take a seat.

Do you see yourself in the procession? Do you wonder why Greg is a PIZZA? Is that the Holy Ghost? We’re hoping to schedule an interview with the film-makers but in the meantime, reviewers say this is the “BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR.” “Breathtaking scenery.” “Makes the audience want to clap and pass the peace!” Enjoy.

Farther Along

There’s a lot that’s hard to understand right now. Why do we have to stay home for so long? Why can’t we play with our friends? When will we be able to go back to school and to Children’s Chapel? WHY is raining again ?

Imagine how the disciples felt when Jesus told them he was leaving and that the Holy Spirit would come to help them. WHAT was the Holy Spirit? WHEN would it come? WHERE were the disciples supposed to go while they waited?

It’s okay to have questions and be confused. We all feel that way.