We are together, even when apart

Church is being together.  We sing, we pray, we pass the peace.  We share the bread and the wine.  

Church looks different right now.  We’re not in the same place but we’re still together.  We’re thinking about each other.  We’re singing and praying.  We’re passing the peace by calling our friends.  Or maybe we’re sending them emails or letters.  The bread and the wine are still part of us, even if we’re not at the table.

The Chapel of the Cross is our church, and we are the Chapel of the Cross. We are the church no matter where we are, which is kind of funny to think about.  How are you the church today? How are you singing and praying and passing the peace? How are the bread and wine a part of you today?

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Everyone needs rest – even a lion! How are you resting during Lent? How are you strengthening your faith?

This song has been revised and recorded a lot. The original was probably written by Solomon Linda, in Zulu, and then English adaptions were made. This version is a “hey, do you know this song?’ variation. As with most of the songs on this site, there are many better recordings out there. Please look for them!

A Goodnight Song

We sang “Goodnight, Irene” with our kids all the time but … maybe it wasn’t a kids’ song? We were delighted to learn that Raffi added some verses that make this a proper song for rest and sleep and so tonight, we introduced our kids to Raffi for the first time. All animals need rest. We’re no different.

Goodnight, Irene is a song by Lead Belly. Raffi added some verses.

Children’s Chapel – February 21

This is the first Sunday in Lent. If you have Faith-at-Home materials you can color “The Faces of Easter I” picture and tell the story at home. If you don’t have materials, don’t worry! You can watch the video that follows Children’s Chapel and draw your own picture.

Grown-ups, the Godly Play Faith-at-Home packages include wondering questions and suggestions for additional activities.

What is Loverly?

It has been so rainy and so cold for so long. What would be loverly for you? What can you do to make someone else feel loverly and loved?

Isn’t it Loverly? is a song by Alan J. Lerner and Frederick Loewe. It was composed for the musical My Fair Lady, which was based on the play Pygmalian by George Bernard Shaw, which was based on a Greek myth of the same name. (Whew.)