We are together, even when apart

Church is being together.  We sing, we pray, we pass the peace.  We share the bread and the wine.  

Church looks different right now.  We’re not in the same place but we’re still together.  We’re thinking about each other.  We’re singing and praying.  We’re passing the peace by calling our friends.  Or maybe we’re sending them emails or letters.  The bread and the wine are still part of us, even if we’re not at the table.

The Chapel of the Cross is our church, and we are the Chapel of the Cross. We are the church no matter where we are, which is kind of funny to think about.  How are you the church today? How are you singing and praying and passing the peace? How are the bread and wine a part of you today?

For more information about programs for children and families at the Chapel of the Cross, contact Boykin Dunlap Bell at bbell@thechapelofthecross.org. To support the mission and ministry of the Chapel of the Cross, text “COTC” to 73256 or follow this link: https://secure.accessacs.com/access/oglogin

Car Songs, (it’s almost) Fall Edition

Are you enjoying the cooler weather? Are you getting outside to hike and wonder in God’s creation? We drove to the Mountains-to-the-Sea Trail (Segment 10, West Point to Penny’s Bend) this weekend to run with the dogs. It was glorious. We left the house feeling kinda bad but returned tired and happier. How will you spend the last day of summer? Feeling bad or feeling a little better?

Children’s Chapel, Manna from Heaven & Workers in the Vineyard

Today, Sarah Deitz will tell the story of Moses and the Israelites as they wandered hungry in the wilderness. Sarah will also show us how to make the craft from the Fall Faith box*. Jeremiah, Walden and Desmond Murphy will share the Gospel story of the Workers in the Vineyard. These Bible stories are part of the Revised Common Lectionary, the list of readings shared by many churches around the world. You can hear the same Scripture passages read in our live-streamed church service on Facebook @cotcchapelhill at 9:00 AM.

If you do not have a Fall Faith box, you can still draw a picture of a quail. Have you ever eaten quail or quail eggs? What do you think manna tastes like? Have you ever eaten fruit that grew on a vine?

* To register for Fall Faith lessons, contact Boykin at bbell@thechapelofthecross.org.

When You’re Scared

Boykin is scared of storms. Sally the dog is scared of guitars. The Israelites who followed Moses into the wilderness were scared their wouldn’t find food. What do you do when you’re scared? Do you pray? Do you sing? What are your favorite songs to sing when you’re scared? (Boykin and Greg disagree.)

Jonathan Richman is a musician from Boston who played in a proto-punk band called the Modern Lovers. Greg is punking Boykin, so to speak, by playing “My Favorite Things” with a Richman beat.

Moses and the Red Sea

Today, we start “Fall Faith.” Each Sunday, we’ll follow the same Lectionary Readings we hear in “Big Church” while we sing familiar Children’s Chapel songs, set the altar and pray prayers we know by heart. We’ll also do crafty things to help remember the week’s Bible story. If you signed up for a “Fall Faith” box, you should have received it. If you didn’t sign up, no worries. You can still participate in the lessons.

Many thanks to Cate Palmer for telling the story this week and to the Murphys for teaching with the craft.

If you signed up for “Fall Faith,” check you email for a page of “Threads” from Weaving God’s Promises that help tie today’s lesson to the Christian story, our Episcopal tradition and contemporary times.