Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, the day Jesus was condemned by Pontius Pilate (who then washed his hands of the matter) to pick up the cross and carry it to the Crucifixion. Some Christians recognize the hard, broken road Jesus walked by observing the Stations of the Cross. You can do this in the natural world, looking for trees and rocks and places to rest that remind you of the Way to the Cross. But it’s not really the way to the Cross. It’s the way of the Cross. It’s the way past the Cross to the Resurrection and everlasting love.

You can download a Stations of the Cross for Kids guide below. If you want a map of the Coker Arboretum, you can find one here and mark the stations you find. You can also look for stations in your neighborhood.

Bless the Broken Road is a song by Rascal Flatts.

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