Children’s Chapel – March 14

In Children’s Chapel today, the Fiore family imagines Jesus’ time in the wilderness as he prepares for the work ahead of him. What sort of work do you want to do in your life?

Today’s Children’s Chapel marks a full year – 365 consecutive days – of cotcchildandfam posts. Tomorrow, we’ll start counting down the “Top 12” videos from the last year. Why 12? There are 12 months in a year. There were 12 first disciples. And there are 12 days (not counting Sundays) until Holy Week, when we will walk the most sacred days of the Christian calendar together, right here.

One thought on “Children’s Chapel – March 14

  1. Congratulations on this milestone. I am excited for the top twelve countdown. Won’t be easy. Sooo many outstanding ones. Thanks to the entire Bell Family for this gift of your time and talents. I’ve not seen anything like it in my lifetime. And don’t think I ever will again. 💕 💕

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