Little Fishies

The Bradbury kids sent this picture of their Sunday craft. Their fish remind us of Jesus calling some of his first disciples – fishermen who would leave their nets to follow Jesus.

This song about three fishies was made popular by Kay Kyser, a famous bandleader who lived in Chapel Hill.

One thought on “Little Fishies

  1. Even if I could get Cully Beth to sleep on my leg, I wouldn’t be making music like you do, Greg. Nor do I have an excellent percussionist like Zan. But I do have the pleasure of seeing what you’re up to. I remember Kay Kyser. Maybe I’ve got this wrong, but did Dinah Shore sing with him? My mom went to high school with her; she was Fanny Rose then, and I can still hear her calling “Fanny Rose is on TV,” and I’m certain I saw her sing the fishes song (whether it was with K Kyser or not). Thanks the taking me back in time.

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