Do you ever think about the words we use at Christmas that we never say the rest of the year? Like hark. Hark means “listen.” So why don’t we say, “Hark! Is that the dog barking?” or “Hark! My phone is ringing!” We could! But I’ll bet when you hear “hark,” you expect angels. Alas, you may be disappointed this time.

3 thoughts on “Hark!

  1. I had a Christmas miracle—NOT making this up—come into my life on Dec. 18, and I’ve been in such a whirl with the happy adjustments and busyness required I “been” at Children’s Chapel with Boykin and all the Bells. What a joy to come back to “Hark” and “Snoopy.” Every cover The Boys do goes right to the top of my favs. These are no exception. Thank you for your talent and the fun and happiness it brings.

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