The Sea!

It’s the last day of Vacation Church Camp 2020 but that doesn’t mean it’s the last day of hiking, making art, singing or reading the bible. And if you “missed” this week, don’t worry! You can use the camp curriculum any time. All the videos will be right here.

Our story today is presented by Cate and Evie. Many thanks to everyone who shared bible stories this week. You made us think, laugh and learn.

We’ve traveled from the mountains to the sea, and from Jesus’ childhood to his resurrection. The Mountains-to-the-Sea trail ends at Jockey’s Ridge, which includes the tallest sand dunes on the east coast of the United States. Some of the dunes are 100 feet tall.

Jesus greets his disciples on the shores of Galilee, and makes them breakfast. What do you think the sand is like by the Sea of Galilee?

The Godly-Play style story for the day was told in our own Godly Play room. The last time we were in that room together, the cloth on the sacred shelf was purple. Let’s change it to green because we are still growing in faith as the seasons change.

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