Processional, Cabin Fever Version

Our Children’s Chapel processional is “The Spacious Firmament on High” by Franz Joseph Haydn. You’ve heard it on the pipe organ, the harp, a piano and a Korg combo organ. You’ve heard it played by a flute and a double bass and by a string quartet. Today we offer … an accordion.

Two months of staying at home is hard. “Cabin fever” is surely setting in; we’re all ready to get out and see our friends. But staying apart is a way of loving our neighbors as ourselves. As the church, that’s what we’re called to do.

3 thoughts on “Processional, Cabin Fever Version

  1. Is there an instrument Greg DOESN’T play? My amazement at—and gratitude for—The Bell Show continues. Thank you Boykin, thank you Greg.

    1. No brass, no woodwinds. And Greg would have replayed some of that accordion if I’d let him. (There’s no perfect in a pandemic.) Stay tuned for more posts from other members of the parish community. I know people must be getting tired of these ding dongs. (Too many Bells!)

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