Making Holy Moments

This week, we’ve been looking for holy moments. We’ve taken the time to watch a turtle enjoy the sun. We’ve noticed beans in the garden and eggs in a nest. You don’t have to wait for holy moments to happen, though. You can help make them.

Have you called any friends this week? Have you emailed someone in your family? Have you waved at a neighbor you passed on a walk?

One of the hardest things about staying at home is missing the holy moments we shared with other people. Can you think of ways to make those moments happen?

Boykin’s sister lives on Lopez Island, off the coast of Washington State. That’s all the way across the United States (and then some).

They can still connect – and sing together!

One thought on “Making Holy Moments

  1. Wow. Just…wow. These beautiful, talented women. Thank you for singing for us.

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