Holy Week – the most special week of the Christian year – starts this (Palm) Sunday. On this website, we’ll continue to post every day but we’ll be dialing down our dog and poultry show (a bit) because it’s a time to be more serious. It’s a time to thoughtfully prepare for Easter.

We’re all thinking about what that means. How do we prepare for a day that will be so different from what we hope – and expect – it to be?

There are resources on the Chapel of the Cross website ( for both children and adults. We’ll be live-streaming services (see our facebook page @cotcchapelhill) and posting sermon podcasts (Chapel of the Cross). Church Publishing, Inc. is offering a wonderful (free) package of Holy Week materials here: and we’ve curated and composed a “Holy Week in a Box” that you can make with children. (Okay, we did enlist dogs and chickens to help with that one).

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