Biddy Buddies

I have a biddy buddy helping me put together a Holy Week box
and cut out paper palm leaves. Do you see her?

On most Palm Sundays, all the people are given palm leaves to carry into church and Children’s Chapel. We wave the palms and sing, “Hosannah!”

We won’t be able to hand palms out this year but you can cut out your own from paper or pick green leaves from your yard. It doesn’t matter what shape they are. Any green leaves will do. You can hang them on your door to recognize the day – Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week.

Here’s my biddy buddy. She will grow so fast! Yesterday, she didn’t have feathers in her wings and today she does.

Baby chicks are sometimes seen as symbols of new life.
Do you see birds and buds in your yard? Do you see signs of hope?

2 thoughts on “Biddy Buddies

  1. I don’t know the first thing about chickens, but now I want one. Absent that, Boykin, could you please give the little sweet chick a kiss for me? Okay. I kiss my dogs, but if that’s not appropriate for chicks, give another tender little pet as in the video? Thanks. And please know how much your site means to me.

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