Bathroom tuba

Grown-ups are trying to work; students are engaged in Extended Learning. Everybody seems to be in Zoom meetings.

We’re all extra busy, and we also have free time.

What are you excited about right now? Are you drawing more in your free time? Are you reading? Are you practicing an instrument?

The bathroom tuba really is a big kazoo. You don’t need to practice very hard to play it. But it’s still fun to practice a song we sing in Children’s Chapel.

Some people call this hymn “Old 100th” because it’s based on Psalm 100. Some people call it the Doxology, which is a praise to God. The tune is Hymn 43 in the Hymnal, and the words we sing are the fourth verse.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow; praise him all creatures here below; praise him, above ye heavenly host: praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

4 thoughts on “Bathroom tuba

  1. PS. You never know what you’ll learn at COTC. Earlier this year, I learned that sackbutt wasn’t bad sherry but an early trombone, smaller than the current model. Now I find that bathroom tuba isn’t a recording strategy utilizing the tiled walls of a small space but a king-sized kazoo.

  2. The Doxology is one of my favorites. And now I love it more after hearing Boykin play it on the bathroom tuba. xo

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