Today is the day of Pentecost. Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit came to the first disciples – the apostles – to help them continue Jesus’ ministry. It’s hard to describe the Holy Spirit. Some people say it’s like as a mighty wind. Some people say it’s like a dove. Other people says it’s like fire. The Holy Spirit is an advocate, a sustainer, a comforter. What other words would you use?

Where will you see the Spirit?

This Sunday is Pentecost. 50 days after Easter, the Holy Spirit came to Jesus’ disciples as an advocate – a helper – to encourage them as they continued in Jesus’ ministry. We are part of Jesus’ ministry, too. Where will you see the Spirit in the days ahead? If you receive faith-at-home supplies, you may have found a dove in your mailbox. The dove is often used to represent the Holy Spirit. Take turns surprising the people in your family with a show of the Holy Spirit.

Throwback Thursday – Ascension Day

Jesus died, was buried and rose again. He appeared to his disciples and walked with them and ate fish with them. He told them that even when he was not in this world, he would be with them. On Ascension Day – 40 days after Easter – we celebrate Jesus ascending into heaven and passing on his earthly work to his disciples, who would then pass that work on to faithful people like us.

I Shall Be Released

The Bell boys recorded this a few weeks ago and Greg messed up the words. The lyrics are, “I see my light come shining…” but Greg sang “I see my life come shining,” which is a weird mistake for someone who has heard this song his whole – well, life – to make. But now that a COVID vaccine has been approved for kids twelve and older, there’s light and life before us. For families who have been locked down with tweens and teens, we rejoice with you. You shall be released!

I Shall be Released is a song by Bob Dylan.

Houses in the Neighborhood

Yesterday, Charles Fiore talked about neighbors – the people and helpers who live in our community. We went looking for neighbors this morning. We saw children carrying backpacks to school. We saw the mail truck carrying letters and packages. And we saw someone carrying her house. That’s a pretty special house! And a pretty awesome neighbor!

My House Has Wheels is a song by the band Southern Culture on the Skids.