Children’s Chapel – July 11

Let’s take a tour of the church that is being cleaned and readied for us. Let’s sing and pray in the chapel. And let’s set an altar in the courtyard, where we gather for in-person worship each Sunday. We’ll keep posting virtual Children’s Chapel on this website but if you want to attend an in-person service, we would love to see you there, too! You can register for in-person summer services here.

Children’s Chapel – July 4

It’s the Fourth of July – a day we celebrate our country but also a day when we acknowledge the ways it falls short of being the beloved community. Look around you. Where do you see beauty and hope? Where do you see problems? How will you share the good news like an evangelist? How will you inspire change? Note: Children’s Chapel will not meet in person today. You can register for next week’s service at this link.

In 2020, most of us were not traveling to see the purple mountains or the shining sea. This video is from back then, when the Little People went on a vacation across the country – or really, across the coffee table. “America the Beautiful” is a song we’ll sing in church this morning. The words were written by Katharine Lee Bates and it’s hymn 719 in our hymnal.

Colors of the Wind – and Seasons

Yesterday, we posted a Children’s Chapel video during which we changed the altar cloth to green for the Green, Growing Season. It is the Green, Growing season but … yesterday was also Trinity Sunday – the day we ponder the mystery of a God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit (or Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer – or whatever words you think work best). The color of the altar cloth should have been white – not green – for that special Sunday. So here’s a song about colors and a song about the wind (because the Holy Spirit is sometimes described as a mighty wind). Do we know the song? Nope. But we didn’t know what color altar cloth to use yesterday, either. Let’s celebrate them all – all the colors, all of creation, all the peoples – and all the songs we have yet to learn.

“Colors of the Wind” is a song from the movie Pocahontas.