We were so excited to see people in person when we worshiped outdoors and masked yesterday. We celebrated Good Shepherd Sunday in the courtyard and it felt a little like being in a sheepfold. We sang “Jesus, Tender Shepherd” (of course!) but we also sang “Bah, Bah, Black Sheep” – as a round.

Children’s Chapel – Good Shepherd Sunday

The fourth Sunday of the Easter Season is called Good Shepherd Sunday because we read the Gospel passage in which Jesus calls himself “the Good Shepherd.” Today in Children’s Chapel, Silas and his mom, Sarah, help us understand what Jesus meant. If you have faith-at-home supplies, you can open the green egg. Maybe you want to make a green pasture for your sheep? Or maybe you want to draw a shepherd.

Doors of Your Heart

Jesus appeared to his disciples and they had SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. But Jesus had already answered them. He had already told his friends what mattered. The disciples wanted to keep knocking on the door but Jesus’ heart had already opened. It had shown them the truest Love.

Jones and Zan had never heard this song before. It’s by the English band called The Beat.

A Question

This past Sunday, we learned about “Doubting” Thomas. He needed to ask the Risen Jesus who he was. This Sunday, Jesus will ask the disciples questions. “Why are you frightened?” “Why do doubts arise in your hearts?” “Do you have anything to eat?” Here’s a song about a question. It’s by the band Bombadil.