That’s where we’re staying for Thanksgiving: Home. If you’re traveling, be safe. And remember that Home is wherever and whenever you feel love. Maybe Home is like Jesus. It can cross miles. It can be in all times. It can connect you to what matters most.

“Home” is a song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Children’s Chapel – November 22

We’re reaching the end of the church year. Today we celebrate Christ the King and next Sunday – the first Sunday in Advent – we begin to prepare for his birth. Every year, the Christ child is born again. Every year, we are filled with new hope.

Today, the Lavines teach us a song for Christ the King Sunday and the Bradburys teach us to make crowns with our Faith-at-Home supplies. If you don’t have Faith-at-Home supplies, you can cut out a crown from any paper, and decorate it however you like.

Thank You

We’re a week away from Thanksgiving and like everything this year, it will be different than the Thanksgivings we’ve known before. We still have lots of reasons to be grateful. We have lots of reasons to say, “Thank you.” What are yours? Send a video or photo we can share. Or just tell the people you love how you feel. Tell them how grateful you are.

Thank You is a song by the North Carolina-based band Bombadil.


That’s a fun word to say! Thessalonians. The Thessalonians were people who lived in a part of Greece called Thessalonica (or Salonica). Paul sent letters to the Christians there, encouraging them to keep the faith. Walden, Desmond and Jeremiah Murphy tell us more about epistles and Desmond confirms that yes, reading other people’s letters is sometimes boring but also … epistles can be fun.