Greetings from Carrboro

One of our Church School teachers (and her grown-up daughter) and one of our Children’s Chapel leaders met for a distanced weekend visit. Since they’re all Chapel of the Cross parishioners, it should come as no surprise that they like to sing.

Do you like to sing? Do you like to draw? Do you have a prayer you’d like to share? Send your songs and art and prayers along * !

In the Episcopal church, we worship as a corporate body. That means all of us come together to praise God and pass the Peace and usually we share Communion but always, we go out to love and serve the Lord. That looks and feels different right now – but we’re still doing it. Maybe you heard Mary Cat’s sermon yesterday. If you didn’t, ask your grown-ups what she said (psst. it will be posted on our website and on our sermon podcast).

*If you want to share a way you’re building the kingdom of heaven (and yes, it might be Lego art! It might be a photo of the hummingbird you saw in your backyard. It might be an original song you wrote about the mountains and the sea…) email .

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