Singing in the Chapel, Hiking on the Trail

One day, we’ll all be singing together in the chapel again but for now, let’s sing with each, while apart. You probably remember this song and can sing it at home.

Do you remember how much fun we had at Vacation Church Camp last summer? We’ll have fun this year, too! In our virtual camp, we’ll explore lessons Jesus taught in the mountains, by the sea and places in between. We’ll also “hike” (in our imaginations or on foot) portions of the North Carolina Mountains-to-the-Sea Trail.

Since we won’t be gathering in the chapel for skits each morning, some Chapel of the Cross kids have offered to tell our daily bible stories. We’ll post their videos on this page, July 20 -24, at 7:00 AM.

Anyone can join us for virtual camp. There are suggestions for bible stories, art reflections, science experiments, cooking projects and outdoor activities here . We would love to see pictures of your hikes and other camp experiences!

See you on the trails!

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