Hail Thee, Festival Day

This is always the weekend Greg misses Children’s Chapel and we are singing a cappella or pulling in Jones before his brunch shift. In other years, Greg would be directing a big outdoor festival * and restaurants would be serving brunch. This is not one of those years.

Let’s imagine the festival crowd that might have gathered to see Jesus. There was no Coronavirus so people would have been squeezing together and standing on tip-toes, stretching their necks to see the teacher they had come to hear. Zacchaeus couldn’t see and he probably couldn’t hear and nobody liked him and he was getting pushed to the back. So what did he do? He climbed a tree.

  • Greg still directed that festival but it wasn’t outdoors. It was virtual. If you’re wondering where Greg has been, he’s been working – A LOT.
  • Every grown-up you know has been working a lot. Maybe they’ve been figuring out how to teach school. Maybe they’ve been meeting clients on Zoom. Maybe they’ve been learning how to safely shop for groceries. Maybe they’ve been learning new computer skills. They are like Zacchaeus – facing a problem and scrambling up a tree.

2 thoughts on “Hail Thee, Festival Day

  1. Nobody tells a story better than you, Boykin, and the little people. Thank you so much.

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