O Beautiful, for Spacious Skies

O why isn’t this our national anthem? Written by Katherine Lee Bates with music by Samuel Augustus Ward, this is Hymn 719 in our Episcopal Hymnal. It’s relatively easy to sing and siblings can spend many car miles arguing over whether to sing brotherhood or sisterhood (or siblinghood!). Also, it’s a prayer. In the second verse, we ask, “God mend thine every flaw.” This year, especially, those flaws seem … self evident. But those are big words for kids and this is a holiday. Enjoy it safely!

One thought on “O Beautiful, for Spacious Skies

  1. So happy to hear your beautiful voice this morning, Boykin, and finally to see the purple mountains. I’ve been looking for them since I first heard the song as a child, and we know how long ago that was. Happy, Safe 4th to you and all the Bells.

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