Reading the Bible, Singing the Songs

This week, we’ve been singing about the sky – and about flying and rising – because this is the week in the church calendar when we celebrate the Ascension. The Ascension is when, 40 days after Easter, Jesus leaves his friends (again) and ascends to heaven. He goes up. He rises.

Some bible stories can be hard to wrap your mind around and you need to read them lots of time. In Godly Play, we ask, “what is your favorite part of this story?” “Are there any parts of the story we can leave out and still have everything we need?” Wondering helps us wrap our minds around the hard parts.

There are many children’s bibles out there. At the Chapel of the Cross, we give (as Advent gifts) The Beginner’s Bible (ZonderKidz Publishing) to two-year-olds and The Children’s Illustrated Bible (Doris Kindersley) to second graders. You may have these in your home or you may have other bible interpretations you prefer.

What other bible stories take place over 40 days? What bible stories do you like to read lots of times?

Songs can help us wonder and understand. We know a lot of songs by heart but we use these books a lot, too. If you like to sing and play music at home, these are great books to have. I wonder why we “rise up” when we sing?

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