A Cumulative Song

A cumulative song is one that builds on itself, verse after verse, repeating as it goes along.

  • “Frère Jacques” is not a cumulative song. Maybe Greg was thinking about “Alouette”?
  • The birds did not like this joke. Can you hear birds peeping and flying by the phone? They did! They might have been worried about the eggs in the nest, but those eggs aren’t real. Ne vous inquiétez pas, les petits oiseaux! (Don’t worry, little birds!)

2 thoughts on “A Cumulative Song

  1. You two are in high form. What fun, especially Boykin’s bird’s nest fascinator. If invited to a royal wedding, she’s all set. And I’m now ready for Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit, since, thanks to you, I now know what a cumulative song is.

    1. We were not on our A game. A chickadee ATTACKED my head right before we started recording. If I looked nervous, I was worried it would come back. And it did – today, as I was sitting outside reading, it came and SAT ON THE ARM OF MY CHAIR. I guess without eggs on my head, I was less threatening? What a wacky time this is.

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