Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Every Sunday in “big church,” we hear a story about the life of Jesus. These stories come from one of the four books of the Gospel – Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. These books are all in the New Testament.

In church, the deacon or a priest will say, “The Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, according to …” and then the deacon or priest will say the name of the book. In the Easter season, the stories usually come from the Book of John.

This is a song to help you remember the four books of the Gospel. Some people think Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote their books by themselves and some people think they had help and some people think their names are used to represent other writers, whose names have been forgotten. We don’t know for sure.

We have no idea if John’s britches really were too tight.

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  1. This is a new song for me, and I love it. Never too old to learn in Children’s Chapel. Big thanks as ever.

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