A Child’s Song

This week, we’ve been singing children’s folk songs. Today we’ve got a song written by a child. At least, we think a child wrote it. He thought he wrote it – but he was only four years old at the time. It’s a pretty good song. We sometimes wondered if the child in question had heard something like it and made it his own. But in years of occasional googling, we’ve never found anything like it – so we’ll give the child the credit. What are you writing this weekend? What are you singing?

Jones wrote this song when he was four. Or, maybe, in the spirit of all good folk songs, he heard something like it and made it his own. He doesn’t remember. We can’t find another song like it. “All I Want for Christmas is a Skateboard” followed Jones’s well-received family favorite “Bouncy Ball” about a super ball that bounces away.

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