Children’s Chapel – Advent I

It’s the first Sunday in Advent, the beginning of a new church year. We’ve all gotten pretty good at waiting during the past nine months but Advent requires preparation, too. How are you preparing for Christ’s birth while you wait for Christmas?

Today, Sarah Deitz teaches us about waiting and preparing. Jonah shows us how to start building a nativity scene from our Faith-at-Home supplies. If you don’t have Faith-at-Home supplies, don’t worry! You can use any box to build a stable. You can use an egg carton or a matchbox or a pile of straw to make a manger.

And while we’ve gotten *pretty good* at waiting, we’re not waiting for Christmas carols. It’s a pandemic, people. Let’s sing about joy. Let’s look for angels.

One thought on “Children’s Chapel – Advent I

  1. Wow. Total…wow. What a great start to Advent. The hymns. The purple altar cloths (and Boykin’s scarf), the carols, the fish and crèche. Feels so good, makes me so happy. Thank you Boykin, Greg, Sarah, and Jonah.

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