Children’s Chapel – Oct. 18 (Exodus 33:12-23 and Matthew 22:15-22)

We’re following the Revised Common Lectionary – the list of Bible readings we hear in church. We’re still worshiping together, even if it’s in new ways!

Today, Melinda Van Niel will share the New Testament story from the Gospel of Matthew. The Murphys will explain the “Old Testament” Hebrew Scriptures reading from Exodus. The Murphys will also show us how to do the Fall Faith Craft. Don’t have Fall Faith supplies? Don’t worry! But if you want to sign up for the next batch of materials, email

One thought on “Children’s Chapel – Oct. 18 (Exodus 33:12-23 and Matthew 22:15-22)

  1. Wow. Children’s Chapel is the place to be…just as it’s always been. So many talented people like Boykin and Greg, Melinda van Niel, and the Murphys make it a special place to learn and enjoy. Thank you so much.

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