Children’s Chapel

We’re going to need your help singing and saying the prayers. This is a longer video than we usually post (about 14 minutes) because it’s (most of) of a Children’s Chapel service. What’s missing? Well, a few things but mostly you! Will you join us from home? Let’s line up and follow the cross …

The book Moses (by Amelia J. Geary with illustrations by Elizabeth Wolf)  was published as part of the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum, Morehouse Publishing, copyright 1992.  The curriculum is now out of print.  Virginia Theological Seminary controls the copyright and has made the curriculum, art and illustrations free and downloadable and available for use such as this.  You can download and print the book here.

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  1. Oh how good it felt to be back in Children’s Chapel. Thanks you for taking us back to this wonderful, special place.

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