Oh my, oh my

Today’s Gospel reading is about Jesus walking on the water * and Peter trying, too. When Peter tried to walk on the water, he was overcome by doubt and began sinking. Jesus reached out a hand and raised Peter up.

Is there a song for that? Is it a church song?

Yes. No.

Maybe Greg is right and anything can be a church song. Maybe any place can be a church – the Cat’s Cradle, your kitchen, a hiking trail.

Jesus prayed in lots of places. We can, too.

  • You can read the story of Jesus walking on the water in The Beginner’s Bible on p. 364 (Jesus Walks on Water), in The Children’s Illustrated Bible on p. 230 or in any Bible in Matthew 14:22-33.
  • This song was written by the Violent Femmes and released on their “Hallowed Ground” album. The Violent Femmes are not a kid-friendly band so if you’re fondly rummaging through your LPs or searching Spotify, remember that most of their catalogue is PG-13 and not for family sing-alongs.

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  1. Great big mwah to two of the the smartest, bestest, most talented people I know, never mind hard working. Yowsers.

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