God Made the Sun

Our homes are now offices and schools, libraries and movie theaters, parks and summer camps. They are all the places and stuff is everywhere. There are projects going all the time.

Virtual Vacation Church Camp will start July 20 and we’re testing some of the crafts at the Bell house. Who knew you could melt crayons onto rocks to make art?

There’s also an Eastern Screech Owl in our living room. It’s not a real owl, but Otto the dog doesn’t know that.

During our virtual Vacation Church Camp, we’ll be learning some of the lessons Jesus taught as he traveled from the Temple Mount to the Sea of Galilee. We’ll also be hiking (on foot or in our imaginations) the North Carolina Mountains-to-the-Sea Trail. We’ll be meeting disciples and animals (like the owl) along the way! If you registered for VCC, you’ll receive more information in an email and an at-home bag of supplies. If you did not register, you can still follow along! The whole curriculum will be on the Chapel of the Cross webpage, with links here at cotchchildandfam.

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