What in the Chapel?

Yesterday, we looked at familiar things up close and tried to guess what they were. Let’s do it again! You can push pause on your device if you want more time to look at a picture.

Did you guess what all the things were? The Book of Common Prayer was the first thing. (That was pretty easy.) Then we saw the children’s altar. (I miss seeing the children’s altar every week!) Then we saw the inside of the candle snuffer bell. (That was tricky!) Then we saw a candle stick, covered in melted wax. (Somebody should clean that!) Then we saw an altar cloth. (It’s green for the Growing Season.)

It was a lot easier to recognize everything when we backed up and saw things from a new perspective. (Although the last picture is actually old, not new. It was taken last summer.)

And if you’re wondering what that funny sound was near the beginning of the video, that was Otto the dog – yawning. He prefers other games, like Fetch and Chase.

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