I’m so glad

There’s a public art display being painted on a bus stop in Chapel Hill that depicts the musician Elizabeth (Libba) Cotton.

(The back of the bus stop on Ephesus Church Road.)

“I’m so glad” is a song Libba Cotton sang and recorded. She’s most famous, though, for a song called “Freight Train.” She wrote it about the train that runs through Carrboro. Lots of other musicians recorded “Freight Train” after she did.

Libba Cotton taught herself to play guitar. She was left-handed so she played her guitar “backwards” (compared to right-handed players) and upside down. You can make music lots of ways! The artist who painted the bus stop might not have known that. But the artist painted on glass so you can step behind the bus stop to see how Libba Cotton really held her guitar.

This is Libba Cotton at the first Festival for the Eno in 1978. (Photo by Bill Boyarsky.)

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