Spacious skies and special shoes

Dr. Joe is playing our Children’s Chapel processional, “The Spacious Firmament on High” today. He recorded the video so you can see his feet and the special shoes he wears at the organ. The bottoms of his organ shoes are slick and the heels are higher than on his everyday shoes. They let him play two notes with the same foot!

Some organists don’t wear shoes at all but play in sock-feet – like these singers in the next video. I’ll bet you recognize this family! They’re singing “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow,” which is a doxology, or a song that praises God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. It’s a song that was requested earlier this week but it’s also the song we sing to settle down in Children’s Chapel after we’ve passed the peace. Can you pass the peace now, either to people in your home or by waving a peace sign at your screen? Then you can kick off you shoes and sing!

If you want to keep singing, you can scroll through our past posts. One of our Children’s Chapel leaders, MaryKate, helped us with the hand motions for “All Things Bright and Beautiful” yesterday. We’ve had lots of children send prayers and songs. We miss being in the same room but we do still feel like we’re together, even when we’re apart.

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  1. Oh my ears and whiskers. The things I’m learning here: Dr. Joe’s special organ shoes–who would’a thunk it?– and how the feet can be an important instrument when your family is singing the Doxology. Thanks ever’body

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