Sing a New Song

This week, we shared joys, concerns, questions and requests.

At home, we learned to be more patient. We tried not to interrupt. We worked together. It’s pretty hard, doing all those things!

This is a song a Children’s Chapel child suggested we learn. We have more learning to do!

2 thoughts on “Sing a New Song

  1. Boykin and Greg: We need a album. Seriously. I have an old car (loved the post a couple of days ago about your old car that broke down on vacation) that still plays CDs, and if I had one of everything you’ve posted, I would be driving around right now–something you can safely do–singing along with you. I recently used all my bonus points on Amazon to get James Taylor’s new cover CD of American classics. Well, love him as I do (I’ve always wondered if his family went to COTC when they lived here)…I’d rather be listening and singing to you. I thank you, Jones, Zan, and all the parishioners who’ve contributed to this corona delight; if there is such a thing, your site is it.

    1. Aww, thanks for the encouragement. I’ve been thinking no one but the dogs will EVER want to ride in the car with us again. I’m so happy one of the Children’s Chapel kids suggested this song. I hope he’s not disappointed in my Camp Pinnacle for Girls lyrics! I don’t think James Taylor’s family attended COTC but they may have visited for some occasion – a wedding or funeral?

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