Joys and Concerns – and Questions too

We’ve received some questions here at cotcchildandfam, along with joys and concerns. We’ll be sharing some of them this week.

Question: why do you sing songs in the car? Why don’t you just listen to “Frozen” ?

Answer (from Boykin and Greg): When we were kids, cars had AM radios that didn’t play much music, especially in you were on a long trip and far away from a city. If you wanted to hear a song in the car, you had to sing it. When Jones and Zan were kids, their parents (that would be us!) drove old cars. The car stereos usually didn’t work. Sometimes the cars didn’t work. But we could still sing songs!

“That does not look safe,” says Boykin with concern.
One summer, our old car broke down when we were driving home from a mountain vacation. Boykin kept the children (that’s Jones with the shaggy hair and Zan with the straight hair) behind the guard rail. We were waiting for a tow truck.
We waited a long time and sang a lot of songs.

Question: Can you ask Jones to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Pizza”?Answer: Yes! (We’ll try.) Jones is staying-at-his-own-home so we’ll call and ask him to send a video the next time his phone is charged. He forgets to charge his phone a lot. That’s a reason he sings car songs. He can’t listen to “Frozen” on his phone because his phone doesn’t have a charge.

Question: I’m six years old (almost seven!) and can’t drive. Can I sing songs at home instead of in the car? Answer: You know the answer! Thank you for sending a stay-at-home movie!

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