Car Songs and Holy Hikes

While we stay at home, we can also go outside. Have you been taking walks in your neighborhood or on nearby trails? Did you see the Rev. Noah Van Niel’s suggestions for “holy hikes” at ? He has some great ideas for children, teenagers and adults. We tried them!

Our State Parks are closed but there are lots of trails that are still open and safe for socially-distanced hikes. (A dog leash is 6 feet long, by the way …)

Do you sing “car songs” when you drive? We do. And since we were driving to a trail head, we sang songs that expressed our love of God’s creation.

2 thoughts on “Car Songs and Holy Hikes

  1. How do you keep topping yourselves? When they hand out the Tonys/Emmys/Grammies for coronavirus videos, you two will need a truck to haul them home. Thank you thank you.

  2. I agree Cynthia Duda – How do they keep getting better? I enjoy these more than anything these days. I think even one of their dogs in the backseat was lip syncing along with them.

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