Saints of God

Mr. Rogers (ask your parents who he was) said in troubled times, you should look for the helpers. That’s another way of saying, “look for the saints.” Look for the disciples. Look for the people supporting our community. It might be you.

One of our kindergarten and first grade teachers, Lyn, sent this picture to show her class what she’s been doing during the Stay-at-Home time. She’s taking care of her grandchild while the baby’s parents work. Lyn is a helper. She’s part of the communion of saints.

Maybe you’re helping your community by being extra nice to your parents. Maybe you’re walking the dog. Maybe you sent an email to your teachers, thanking them for their online lessons.

You’re a helper.

Some people think saints are ancient history. But this time right now – it’s going to be in the history books. You’re part of it. And you’re part of the communion of saints.

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  1. Another lucky day bringing a Boykin-Greg duet with terrific updated lyrics. Love it. Thank you.

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