Did you find a piece of glass or a marble for your Holy Week box?
Maybe you have a perfume sample to add.

If you’re using a “Holy Week at Home” box, then today you’re reading the story of Jesus’ friend Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume. (There are a lot of Marys in the Bible! In this story, we’re talking about Jesus’ friend, not his mother.) The story is in The Beginner’s Bible on page 423. It’s in The Children’s Illustrated Bible on page 261. (Most) every Bible has the story. You can find it in the Book of John, Chapter 12, verses 1-8.

Can you imagine pouring expensive perfume on someone’s feet? Think about what’s very precious in your house right now. Is it hand sanitizer? Toilet paper? The X-Box controls? Now imagine that Jesus comes to visit. Would you let him wash his hands? Would you offer him your last roll of toilet paper? Would you let him play your video games, even if you were in the middle of the best game?

Mary gave her friend a gift that was precious. Some people thought she was making a mistake. Mary knew she was showing love and giving Jesus strength for the days ahead. How are you showing love and sharing strength?

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