A Challenge

Yesterday, we received what could only be seen as a challenge – a Jesus-Tender-Shepherd Challenge. The Chapel of the Cross children know that Greg always “forgets” the song that wraps up our Chapel singing, and a couple of Chapel kids sent a white hot rendition, in which they remembered every word. Since we all need to muster courage these days, Greg tried to respond and … he couldn’t remember whether Jesus is a teacher or a healer or a shepherd. (All of them, Greg!) So he passed the challenge on. And children responded.

For parents who are interested, this hymn is from the Children’s section of the 1940 Hymnal. There are multiple tunes. The words are:

Jesus Tender Shepherd, hear me; bless thy little lamb tonight: Through the darkness be thou near me (or, Tho’ the darkness be now near me), Keep me safe till morning light. Amen.

Do your kids want to answer the challenge? Send us a short video! (Email or text Boykin.)

2 thoughts on “A Challenge

  1. oh my goodness what a great way to start my morning!!! Thank you all who participated in the challenge!!! Love to you all.

  2. Great big thanks to all these impressive singers. Do you know you’ve helped me start my day with a lift in my heart and a smile on my face?

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