It seems like just 50 days ago, we were marking our sesquicentennial (150th) post on the Chapel of the Cross children and family webpage. Yesterday we passed 200.

When Boykin and Greg were kids, the bicentennial anniversary (200 years) of the United States was a really big deal. There were bicentennial coins and collector’s plates, special syrup bottles and cereal boxes, magazines and parades and (coincidentally) a presidential election. People were full of patriotic feelings. But we didn’t forget to pray.

What prayers are you offering for our country? For our elected officials? For our people? Our voters? Even if we disagree, we can pray for each other.

One thought on “Bicentennial

  1. Congratulations on your COTC Children’s Chapel bicentennial post. I have loved and appreciated every single one, so full of joy and fun and connection. I am in awe of the Bells (including Sally and Otto)–so much talent and so much material in one house and yard. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work, dedication, and devotion to everyone at COTC including grandmothers like me.

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