Water from a Rock & Children’s Chapel

Today, the Fiore family tells the story of God helping Moses draw water from a rock. The Israelites were so thirsty and they didn’t know where they would find anything to drink.

In “Big Church,” we hear a story from the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures and a story from the New Testament Gospel. We usually hear an epistle, or a letter, too. Today’s epistle is a letter to the Philippians, or the people of the Greek city of Philippi. You’ll hear the epistle read in the video, too.

Eloise shows us how to reflect on the Moses story with art materials found in your Fall Faith box. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Fall Faith Box. You can use any paints, markers, crayons or pencils to draw the story.

Did you notice the word draw has two meanings? It means to pull something, like a cart or water from a well. It also means to make a picture.

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