Car Songs, (it’s almost) Fall Edition

Are you enjoying the cooler weather? Are you getting outside to hike and wonder in God’s creation? We drove to the Mountains-to-the-Sea Trail (Segment 10, West Point to Penny’s Bend) this weekend to run with the dogs. It was glorious. We left the house feeling kinda bad but returned tired and happier. How will you spend the last day of summer? Feeling bad or feeling a little better?

2 thoughts on “Car Songs, (it’s almost) Fall Edition

  1. Yes. Sally is coming into her own. Loved all the air-time she has here. Enough to notice the beautiful white blaze around her nose. But I do have one question: who filmed this? Was it Zan or Jones tied to the hood of the car? Whoever it was did an amazing job. Not the least shake or wobble. As ever, big thanks to all Bells.

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