Children’s Chapel, Manna from Heaven & Workers in the Vineyard

Today, Sarah Deitz will tell the story of Moses and the Israelites as they wandered hungry in the wilderness. Sarah will also show us how to make the craft from the Fall Faith box*. Jeremiah, Walden and Desmond Murphy will share the Gospel story of the Workers in the Vineyard. These Bible stories are part of the Revised Common Lectionary, the list of readings shared by many churches around the world. You can hear the same Scripture passages read in our live-streamed church service on Facebook @cotcchapelhill at 9:00 AM.

If you do not have a Fall Faith box, you can still draw a picture of a quail. Have you ever eaten quail or quail eggs? What do you think manna tastes like? Have you ever eaten fruit that grew on a vine?

* To register for Fall Faith lessons, contact Boykin at

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  1. Wow. Children’s Chapel forges ahead–pandemic or no–with the help, talent, and inspiration of so many COTC members. Thank you so much.

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