Love Dwells Here

You did it! You started school, you made new friends, you worked hard. Now think back. Where did you see God during the week? When did you feel Love? God is all around us, even when we forget to look. Love fills our days, even when we’re distracted by frustration or gloom.

At the Chapel of the Cross, we’re asking people (young and older) to send us photos that show that “Love Dwells Here.” To “dwell” means to live or to be. If you were to take a picture showing the Love around you, what would it look like?

This is a picture Boykin took a few years ago, when one of her backyard chickens hatched an egg. Sometimes God is described as a mother hen, hiding us in the shadow of her wing. Chickens really do that! They warm and protect their baby chicks. They wrap their little birds in love.

If you have a photo you would like to share, send it to Boykin.

One thought on “Love Dwells Here

  1. Thank you, Boykin, for this tender picture. You are helping people like me see and feel in new ways. And that’s a gift in times like these.

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