School Days

Godspeed (that means “good wishes at the beginning of a journey”) to all those starting school. You are so smart, so inquisitive, so kind! You’ll be up in the morning and ready for school. You already know the Golden Rule! As you start this new year, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That includes your brothers and sisters, who might be trying to study next to you. That includes the grown-ups who are helping your learn. That definitely includes the teachers who are planning lessons and sharing them through computers. “Rock, rock, rock and roll,” said Chuck Berry. That must means you’re going to rock this year!

One thought on “School Days

  1. Our Children’s Chapel scholars could not have a better send off into the new school year than this treat from Greg. How lucky they are. How lucky we all are at COTC. And thankful for The Family Bell. Simply The Best.

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