Little Town X3

The fact that “O Little Town of Bethlehem” can be sung to three tunes is funny – but if you throw dogs into the mix, it’s Xtra funny. Our rule through most of quarantine has been that these videos need to be recorded in one take. No redos. Limited edits. Real life. But you put two dogs into the mix and it all falls apart. That’s a reminder of how hard it is to have young children in the frame. Children make you smile. They fill the picture with joy. But when you’re caring for them, it’s like trying to sing three tunes (or ten) at once. Caretakers, we see you. You are Xtra amazing.

One thought on “Little Town X3

  1. The limited edits and no redos are one of the things–besides the boatload of talent you and your family (and that includes Otto and Sally, of course) bring to the videos–that make them so genuine, authentic, and full of love. Very few programs on TV or anywhere else achieve this tone. I don’t know how you do it day after day, but oh, how thankful and happy I am that you do.

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