Prayers from the Heart

We started the season of Lent with heart-shaped boxes filled with the names of forty people who would be in our prayers. Maybe you’ve cut out extra pieces of paper so you could add more names to your box. Maybe you’ve tied names together and hung them in a place where you could see them every day. Maybe you never used a box or pieces of paper at all. Maybe you’ve just carried prayers in your heart. We all do that, you know. We carry prayers in our hearts.

This parishioner wanted to share a special prayer for emergency and other health care workers. Her father is an EMS doctor. EMS stands for “Emergency Medical Services.”

But her dad is not the only health care worker on her street, and she wanted to pray for all the doctors and nurses and physicians assistants and medical staff who live nearby. She wanted to let them know they were in her heart.

This next photo is from another family. They hung their paper prayer hearts above their kitchen table, so they could see them every day.

How are you making your prayers known? How are you sharing your heart?

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