You Are My Sunshine

In our neighborhood, people are putting rainbows and hearts and teddy bears in their windows to brighten the walks of passers-by. We put a sun, (or something that looks sort of like a sun) in our window. What have you done this week to brighten someone’s day? Where have you let your light shine?

(This is supposed to be a sun. Greg says it doesn’t really look like a sun.)
These children are sending cards to church friends.

3 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine

  1. Greg and Jones Bell: You are ringing my bell and getting me through. You are my number one go-to place. Guess who’s number two. Yo Yo Ma playing on Facebook. Yes. That’s what I said. Better than. Num-ber O-N-E. Num-ber O-N-E. Thank you is totally inadequate but that’s all I’ve got to hand in Life in the Time of Covid-19: Thank you Thank you.

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